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Mighty Alex
@mightyalex · UX / UI Designer
I have added a subscribe functionality http://instanerd.me/subscribe for weekly e-mails with 5 most interesting facts. Also while looking for a "Back to homepage" UX solution I've temporary implemented something like this http://instanerd.me/v/123 - You need to scroll to top in order to see it. (Works only on desktop)
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Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Big fan of the simplicity, @mightyalex. This would make a fantastic toilet companion on mobile. I gave you some quick feedback on Twitter last night but I'll share here as well -- maybe others have some good ideas: - Make Everything Above the Fold - right now the "more" button and share links are beneath the fold when viewing on my MacBook. There's room … See more
Frank Fumarola
@ffumarola · Product at Pinterest, Formerly Facebook
This is pretty cool! I could see myself enjoying this for sprints at a time. The challenge will be remembering to come back. One thing I would add is that you should pre-fetch the next facts images a slide before so it doesn't make the page jump.
M.G. Siegler
@mgsiegler · General Partner, GV
Such a great site. Agree about being the perfect toilet companion. Or, waiting in line companion, if we must.
Gabriel Reynard
@gabrielreynard · Business Lover ✌
Cooool :)
Mighty Alex
@mightyalex · UX / UI Designer
Hi guys, this is my latest project on which we worked together with my girlfriend. It's a website presenting random useful things in a few sentences so you don't bother to read, but only get the important information. If you want to start a conversation, these facts can help you. No time-consuming and can add a lot of value to your knowledge. You can read i… See more