The most Instagrammable photo spots around the world 📸🌎

Instalist is a curated collection of beautiful, unique places to discover and immortalize, starting with 100 awesome photo spots. Explore, contribute, and make new friends by joining the community.

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👋 Hi Product Hunt! I’ve been active for a while but this is my first time building and hunting my own product. It’s a collection of super Instagrammable photo spots. What I call “Instagrammable” are places that look amazing whatever the photographer or the camera – they’re so cool it’s almost impossible to take a bad photo! All of the places I listed are public and free to access, and I would love it if you submitted some more, especially if that’s where you’re from or where you currently live. Right now, the list is a bit random as it’s all places either my friends or I have been to. If you would like to list a commercial location, for example link to an awesome hotel, restaurant, shop, Instagram account, or magazine that caters to travel or photography lovers, you can do so by purchasing a featured card. (boring but transparent monetization strategy) To celebrate the launch, you can also try and win a free feature by submitting your Instagram handle. That’s just for you Product Hunt kitties! 😻👌 I’m not a developer and I started from scratch five days ago. It’s been a fun ride, but it’s the first time anyone else is playing with it, so please do share your feedback and suggestions! I’m thinking of adding more interactive features such as a map, the ability to save places to a "want-to-visit" list, etc. Thank you! 💙🙏
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@anthilemoon well done! Amazing that you were able to put that together so quickly! This could be an interesting resource for Instagram influencers and/or brands looking for locations to shoot their pics. Might be worth exploring! In terms of constructive feedback, one suggestion for the homepage could be to put the description/text below the image so it doesn't obstruct the visuals themselves.
@arielvardi Hey Ariel! Thanks so much for the feedback - and good idea, I was actually hesitating. The behaviour I want to create though is for people to click and explore, but I might try that for the next version. And great idea for the influencers and brands! I hope all is well. :)
hey @anthilemoon, there's a t missing in the link. It says
@harowitzblack yes, I saw that and messaged the team. Yay me! 😂 if anyone wants to have a look!
@anthilemoon I think you can add a second link
@harowitzblack Just did - thank you!
@harowitzblack @anthilemoon I've updated the main link too 👍 Congrats on the launch! 🚀
@ems_hodge You're the best! Thanks so much! 🙏

Congrats @anthilemoon for your first launch! I I followed her progress making this product and I find she did a great job with it. Can't wait to see in which direction she'll decide to take the product in, there's great potential imo


So many breathtaking spots! I didn't know about the sinking house in MontMartre.


None. Just that there are no spots in Italy yet!

Thank you so much, Ferruccio! Much appreciated! And Italy is very high on my list, I'll include it in the next update. :) Let me know if you have any spots to recommend!
Congrats with the launch, Anne-Laure! I would use it when I travel. Any plans to make a mobile app?
@alexanderisora Thank you very much! I'll try and build a responsive web app first :)
Very cool project, i love it 😃 I like your "just f*****g ship it" attitude, i myself just did the same thing 💪 built a product in just 2 days last week and shipped it yesterday 😃
@stefano_rosso1 Thank you very much, Stefano! And congratulations on launching your product too - 2 days is very impessive 💪 Just checked the website and the landing page looks awesome too!