Instagram Story Templates by Kapwing

Create simple, beautiful Instagram Stories from templates

#5 Product of the DayOctober 16, 2018

Instagram Story Templates is a hand-curated collection of Instagram Story templates to create beautiful, simple 9:16 content to use for stories. Works with πŸ“· and πŸ“Ή, on both πŸ–₯ and πŸ“±.

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Hi PH friends πŸ‘‹πŸΌ -- Eric, Josh, and I built a layout editor and template collection for the modern canvas: the Instagram Story! Use it on the days you're feeling a little extra and want decorate your memes, snaps, and selfies 🀳🏼. You can start with one of our pre-made designs or make a custom template -- we'll feature the best ones! At Kapwing, we've been working on this free browser-based design canvas for a while. No "automagic"; just simple creative tools that work for any kind of file extension πŸ“ΉπŸ“Έ. Add text, photos, videos, shapes, GIFs, and colors. We're excited to introduce it to the world and would love your feedback! Looking forward to seeing all of the colorful Stories you make πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸŽ¨πŸ˜»Your fellow makers, Team Kapwing
@juliaenthoven How is it different from Unfold ? Are you planning to target corporates ?
@shreyaa_ratra The templates are similar to Unfold except that the tool is browser based, which makes it useful for professional users. Also, users can customize, save, share, and edit their own templates, whereas in Unfold you can’t re-use your previous designs. Do you have any feedback about the product, particularly with helping brands or companies?
@juliaenthoven a) Target companies who are hiring for social media manager. If they are hiring for social media manager, it means it is willing to spend money on social media that is why hiring for that role. b) Target companies who have raised funding. Since they have money, they are going to spend money on social media.
@juliaenthoven That's great idea, regarding the upcoming vertical videos and other vertical type of content trend. Do you guys plan to expand the idea and become a vertical video editor aimed at IG and other platforms posting?
@valentin_fokin Hi Valentin, Thanks for checking it out! We are expanding our currently tools to be a simple online editor for vertical, square, and landscape videos, but optimized for modern short formats like IGTV. Do you have any feedback about the tool or features you need that it doesn’t have yet?
This looks so cool and useful! I'm going to launch a calendar sale for an Instagram side project soon, and I will definitely use this to showcase the product more beautifully on my story in the coming months before the holidays. Thanks for building this, hope to see it stick around.
@christopher_travers Thanks Christopher! Yes, we saw a lot of useful design tools for photos/images but none that worked well for video. Hopefully Kapwing can be useful for showcasing your product! Any features you'd like us to add to make it more powerful/faster for you?
Stories are the new powerpoint