Instagram Story Push Notifier & Saver

Never miss an Instagram story again!


Story Notifier & Saver for Instagram sends you push notifications when Instagram users you follow share Instagram stories and enable you to stalk, download the stories in stealth mode. App works in background too

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I am already using a Instagram story saver app, this one is unique for push alerts. That would be excellent if I could select any user to be notified even if he has not shared a story yet. I hope you improve it in next versions, good job so far, good for stalking. :)


Nice to be alerted when a user I am interested in shares a story, removes the need to check the stories frequently.


Can't select users who haven't shared a story yet

Founder @AwayTake
@benguavcikan1 indeed we are working on the feature that enables selecting users who haven't shared a story yet. It will be released in next update. Thank you for your feedback. :)

helps alot for tracking and stalking IG stories. Would be better if it supports notifying for users that are not followed.


usefull for stalking ig stories. No need to check instagram frequently.


Can not get alerts for users that I am not following.

airdrop hunter

App alerts when someone I am interested in shares an insta story. Usefull however would be better if there were an IOS version.


Cool app to track Instagram Stories


No Ios version. Luckily I have an Android tablet. :)

regular, everyday, normal guy

Nice idea and cool execution. I hope you improve the functions and release the ios version soon.


Better than other story saver apps because of sending notifications.


Can not select to be notified for a user that I am already following when I go to his profile via search function.