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Damian Rees@damianrees · Director, Experience UX
Very interesting site. But I find myslef feeling a bit lost with what to do with it. There's no call to action, nothing for me to sign up for, no way to 'get started'. Which means I'll probably never come back to it.
Tolga Arıcan@tolgaarican · Digital Producer
@damianrees totally agree.. and why there is a such a page? What does Instagram offer to business differently, couldn't understand. Just to motivate to open an account? As I know, there are no built-in tool for business needs.
Ross Currie@rossdcurrie · Founder, CrowdLoot
@tolgaarican @damianrees Yeah, there's no new product or tools here. It's just a marketing page to lure new businesses into their ecosystem. Perhaps it's to announce that IG ads are now available to everyone (they've been rolling them out), not sure.
Matt Aunger@matt_aunger · Community at Pop Products
@rossdcurrie @tolgaarican @damianrees Instagram are rolling out business accounts, which will include analytics, CTAs, and the ability to promote posts. More info on their announcement blog post I don't think they've rolled it out completely though. Can't find any info on where or how to get a business profile.
Ross Currie@rossdcurrie · Founder, CrowdLoot
@matt_aunger @tolgaarican @damianrees Where are you getting CTAs from? It'd be great if we could add links to posts we make, but I just don't see that happening. The two things I really need as a business customer are: - The ability to put an outbound link in a post - as realistically I won't be paying to promote every single post I make, but it makes sense to have a CTA in every post - The ability to schedule posts. Insights are handy, but I've already got those through 3rd party apps - and from what I understand the latest API changes are actually going to create a backward step for businesses in terms of what information they can get from analytics. And you know, finding out that 4am is my best time to post doesn't help me if I can't schedule a post to go out at that time. I've invested a fair bit of time into audience-building and learning how to effectively use Instagram and the conclusion I've come to is that there are better places for me to be spending my time and money - namely, Facebook and Pinterest. That said, I'll be keeping an eye on how things progress and if the product does mature to the point where it creates more value for me, I'll be using it.
Matt Aunger@matt_aunger · Community at Pop Products
@rossdcurrie @tolgaarican @damianrees I meant CTAs in the form of basic contact prompts on business profiles (call, email, text), similar to those found on Facebook pages. I don't see CTAs on individual posts happening any time soon. Instagram is about capturing the moment, so both scheduling and individual CTAs would go against that.
Tolga Arıcan@tolgaarican · Digital Producer
@matt_aunger @rossdcurrie @damianrees yup Instagram is about capturing the moment but both scheduling and individual CTAs are important too to drive more engagement and business planning. I agree with Ross, for now, Facebook makes more sense in terms of ROI. But the downside is, without ads, business pages & posts can not pop up easily towards followers anymore.. Crowd building depends on Ads day by day in FB.
Matt Aunger@matt_aunger · Community at Pop Products
@tolgaarican @rossdcurrie @damianrees I guess it depends what your focus is. As soon as you start thinking about ROI on social, you're playing a losing game. It's about the relationship, not the financial return. If you go into any social platform with a "what am I going to get out of this" mentality, you've already lost.
Tolga Arıcan@tolgaarican · Digital Producer
@matt_aunger @rossdcurrie @damianrees you have to think "what am I going to get out of this" or "what is the main goal".. It doesn't mean you've already lost. You are missing the point that how effective will be your approach towards that goal. I am not saying Instagram is not a necessary platform for a business but as this moment, they are not providing the necessary tools / analytics / meaningful engagement measurements etc. as Facebook.. For a company, and its agency, it is much more easier to build relation via Facebook or Twitter with built-in or 3rd party tools, engagement opportunities or inline ads. Unfortunately Instagram has a lot way to go about those stuff.. And they are trying to.. About ROI, i guess you misunderstood my point.. Return does not have to be monetary. It can be your fan-base or -more important- engagement KPIs. And Investment may not be only money. Can be your time / energy (actually it has a cost too). As worked dozens of companies as a social media agency founder for 7 years in the past, every business looks that way. What will be their ROI. What will be the KPIs. How my brand will be more powerful in time. These were/are their main focus in a capitalist world even if it is a campaign about adding value to brand or communicating with the audience or doing some crisis management. At the end of the day, you have to justify the necessity of what you are doing to yourself / to your customer / to brand..
Matt Aunger@matt_aunger · Community at Pop Products
@tolgaarican @rossdcurrie @damianrees I'm not saying don't have a goal, I'm saying goals focused purely on providing return for a brand are misguided. Why reduce valuable relationships to KPIs and analytics focused on return for a brand? Just because every business does, doesn't make it right. Instead of "How my brand will be more powerful in time", why not "How can I empower my social community". Have a goal, just make it about your audience, not your brand. It's clear we're coming at this from 2 opposite angles. Where I might focus on value from a community perspective, I'm guessing you're more focused on the brand perspective. I don't think either are necessarily wrong. Just different approaches! Let's agree to disagree :)
Ross Currie@rossdcurrie · Founder, CrowdLoot
@matt_aunger @tolgaarican @damianrees As an entrepreneur, I have limited time. I sleep 6 hours a night (if I'm lucky) and then the rest I need to make sure I use as effectively as possible. At the moment, for my primary consumer brand, it seems to make way more sense for me to focus on Facebook and Pinterest. I'm not completely ignoring Instagram, but the lack of tools to manage my business profile limit my ability to be effective there - not just in terms of getting the sale, but in terms of working with my community. I'm in Australia with 90% of my customers in the USA. Not providing the ability to schedule posts severely inhibits my ability to engage with my social community on their time. And in terms of Instagram being about "capturing the moment", that's just not the case. As long as we can post heavily photoshopped images from our camera roll, we're not capturing moments - that's Snapchat's game.
Tolga Arıcan@tolgaarican · Digital Producer
@matt_aunger @rossdcurrie @damianrees actually saying nothing different :) but different approaches. At the end of the day social media is a two-way communication medium. I am not separating the audience with the brand. Of course brands have to think vice versa. As well as I enjoy this discussion, don't want to distract people more (if anyone read all :).. thx for comments Matt.
Maxwell White@maxjwhite
@tolgaarican it offers contact call to actions and analytics if I'm not mistaken
Andrew Brackin@brackin · Marketing at Visor
@damianrees The people that would want to use Instagram ads already can, the companies spending on fb.
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Something new
Really quite like how they have added the PDFs of each brand featured on the site. Would love to see a scrappy startup maker version too :)
Thomas Burgess@ninjinka · Creator of Material Design Palette Deck
@bentossell +1 for scrappy startup maker version
Jessica Coane@jessica_coane · Founder, PEX+
There's no download button, no hint on where to get it - it's merely a vague informational website. Furthermore, when you look at their screenshots, they look nearly identical, if not totally identical, to the personal use instagram. Not seeing the added value to this being on PH.
Guido@guidoj · founder @GILBANO
I don't get why so many people upvote this if there is literally nothing new on their side?! Am I missing something that wasn't there already many weeks (if not months) ago???
Niv Dror@nivo0o0 · Words @ProductHunt & @AngelList
Interesting promo video for Instagram Business
Derek Ang@derek_ang
@nivo0o0 i think it's well made.