We're thrilled to announce automatic posting of scheduled content for Instagram Business Profiles. This is a game-changer for any team with a packed content calendar. Social media managers, your nights and weekends just got easier! Currently this feature is only available for single photo post due to API restrictions.

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Thanks for hunting @romain_ouzeau could you tell us more about this product? Why should we use it over alternatives like Buffer?
@abadesi Hello, so far Buffer does not allow direct publishing on Instagram. You're still required to open the notification you get on your phone at the time you scheduled your post. Same goes with most scheduling tools out there. In addition to that Iconosquare allows you to preview your Instagram with scheduled content, save captions and hashtags for future posts.
@romain_ouzeau Wow that's amazing! It is annoying how Buffer can only send you a reminder so you still have to open the Instagram app to post - your option saves time and makes it more seamless ๐Ÿ˜€
@romain_ouzeau @abadesi it's currently only in closed beta and for Instagram partners only. As soon as it will be live, all social media management platforms will be able to publish on Instagram, including Planable
@abadesi @vladcalus Sure not saying they won't be able to ;) As you mentioned only Instagram partners like us (and many others) have access yet.
@romain_ouzeau Good to know - thanks for clarifying @vladcalus