Make a GIF with your most popular photos on Instagram

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Similar to one of the most viral posts late last year, 2015 Best Nine. Here's mine:
Ha this is so cool!! Awesome work @neeph - I have no idea how to pronounce Instagfy though haha You can actually type in anyone's username though... some people will be for and against that for sure. (wish it could easily be downloaded - would be awesome to have a custom URL for it) EDIT: @neeph has added this in the last hour :) so awesome, love when makers do this Heres mine:
ok 20 minutes later it's still not generated mine :( EDIT (it was my internet!)
@bentossell hahaha i'm glad you like it, neither do i know how to pronounce Instagfy :P. For now there is no direct link to download it, but you can send it via email and download it on your smartphone in order to share it on Instagram.
@bentossell I have good internet, it's still taking a long time.
@soerenes just refresh. thats what I did - then it took seconds!
@bentossell, @svikashk now we have a download button ;), you can get it on 3 formats, GIF, MP4 and WebM.
Haha. This is cool! But, how do I download my GIF? 🤔
@svikashk Hi!, well, there is no direct link to download it, but if you want to share it on Instagram we will send you an email with the MP4 version attached.
@neeph Hmm.... I just did an inspect element and got the link to the mp4 file. 🙈 I think it'd be great if you could give a direct download button.
@svikashk hahhah yeah, you can do that too :P
It's a cool product, but my suggestion it's to add an option to save the gif, because if you share on facebook it will be sharing the link to your gif, and no the image. I found out how to receive my .gif file when I tried to share on Instagram. Thanks. Edit: and when you receive the e-mail, there is a .mp4 file, I must convert to upload on facebook.
@gabrielreynard Thanks for your feedback!. We have added a button to get the direct link to the GIF, MP4 or WebM. If you share the link on Facebook it will automatically share the GIF, like this Yes, the file on the email is a mp4, because its for Instagram ;).