Download an Instagram account's photos + videos

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Handy in the right hands, dangerous in the wrong hands! Seems like a solid app though
@weheartscott agreed. I was thinking the same thing, could be quite dangerous but generally a great idea for social media managers
I was looking for a way to download photos of full Instagram accounts, this is really cool !
This is one I made in order to get familiar with OS X and Swift development as I was working on the iOS/Objective-C before. I guess this little tool can help some people, so I released it to public. I used Apple's Image Capture tool as a base for the UX/design. And yes, now I know the year-old story of @duplikey and his InstaTake. So I'm prepared for Instagram's angry mail.
@karulin what do you mean with "I'm prepared for Instagram's angry mail"? Are you going to shut down it when Instagram will mail you? :)
@duplikey I'm just open to hear from them. (: Actually, I don't like the way Instagram treats side developers. For example, they don't develop effective anti-spam algorithms like true geeks, but they twist developers arms instead. Also it's almost impossible to have any kind of conversation with them. All these things discourage to play by their rules.
@karulin I know man. But receiving an email from the Instagram lawyers it's not related to api, developers, algorithms, etc :)
This seems like a cool Mac app, for downloading instagram photos + videos en masse
@karulin Looks like a cool product Boris! I can already think of many use cases. How do you support artists' credits though? It could make stealing pictures super easy
@hfauq Well, if someone’s downloading other’s content it’s his own responsibility to respect the rights of the author. I can only encourage users to behave in a proper way.