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I like that they are actually interactive prototypes and you can click through scenarios Sooner or later we will see this for bot-onboarding I'm sure! If anyone is working on this already, DM me on Twitter :)
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Yes @bentossell, we are working on bot-onboarding too.. and you'd have guessed Slack is going to be in our debut. In case, we'd love to hear ideas of other cool apps to cover. In coming weeks, We will be covering other flows too - Search, Filter, Payment, Compose/Draft message etc.. !!
Hey @bentossell, thank you so much for the hunt. Hey guys, As a designers, I get inspiration on static screens from Dribbble, Behance and Pinterest but, it is difficult to get inspiration on the UX flow. So guess what, We created one - Inspire!! "Inspire" is dedicated to all awesome design/product folks and pretty soon they will be able to add and collaborate over their own work as inspiration. (As of now, these inspirations are created by closed community members at CanvasFlip.) Coming soon: - Upvote an inspiration - Add your own inspirations - Popular inspirations of the week sent directly to you inbox - Comment/Suggestion on UX flow
This is a an extremely useful thing. Thanks to the developers!
Nice collection. Thank you guys!
been looking for something like this for some time now. good stuff!
Thanks @garychin .. We are soon integrating with FeedBurner, Feedly and other RSS services by end of this week. Thanks for the suggestion.. :)