A Real-Time monitoring dashboard in less than one minute

Inspector is a composer package to add a Real-Time monitoring in your Laravel application.
You will get instant alerts if your back-end fails and you'll be able to identify issues at a glance before users are aware of them, thanks to our real-time diagnosis.
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Hi, I'm Valerio, software engineer based in Italy and creator of Inspector. I worked with companies of any size to help improve their software for more than 10 years. Even if in the software monitoring industry there are a lot of solutions no team I've worked in the past ten years used one. Based on our expeience developers spend up to 50% of their time simply to investigate if the application is working properly or something is broken, the problem is the efficiency of the team. Tools like bugsnag or Sentry can help developers just to track errors and don't provide any information about performance. Products that aim to provide more information about the application status are too complicated. You need to install software at server level, and developers are involved in complex installation and configuration processes. Often dedicated engineers are needed to use this kind of products that seems more focused on enterprises than on small/medium developer teams. I built inspector with one concept in mind: "Provide a complete real-time monitoring dashboard in less than one minute". In its first months of life I received a lot of positive feedback from my users (also paying users) and now I would share this solution with a more larger audience. There's a free forever plan with limited capability to give you the best opportunity to try it without deadline chasing you. If you want introduce Inspector as your monitoring system I created a promotional code that cuts the cost of a subscription by 20% for lifetime: yrERJDHD => It expires Friday 24 July Thank you for your interest, I hope in your feedback. Valerio
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Okok tq
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Hi, When does the subscription kick in? I have made an app but it lets me use it, is there a free subscription? The subscription prices are a bit high though, dont you think? Your chat doesn't work either, it keeps kicking me out and deleting my chat. Nice app though!!!
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@chris_mills2 Hi, We provide a freemium approach to give you the opportunity to connect and test your application without deadline chasing you. Inspector is completely free for 3 apps connected, each of them with a limit of 1.000 events per day / for lifetime. If you'll exceed the daily events quota simply your events will be ignored until the next day. To evaluate the price more accurately, I can suggest you to try Inspector, it's free :) Thank you for your feedback, write me for any question
May be later i download app
@jai_deans1 It's a browser application, you can eventually check the website :)
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