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Are you Clark from invision? If so I'm sorry I never reply 😐
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@marister who else ? :)
We’re excited to share a new tool that makes that design-to-development process better—for everyone. Meet Inspect, your team’s faster way to certainty. Inspect makes it easy for developers to get the accurate information they need about your designs. Say goodbye to endless email threads and mile-long PDF docs. Your whole team can start building sooner, and get the information they need, when they need it—in real time. With Inspect, your team can: - Get real code with a single click - Quickly gather key information, like font names, Hex codes, image specs, and dimensions - And lots more! Don’t take our word for it—try it yourself, free!
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@clarkvalberg Nice one! I love how InVision is becoming an ecosystem :)
@clarkvalberg only works with Sketch?
@clarkvalberg mental note: voting twice doesn't work ;) Incredible.
@clarkvalberg Looks great guys. What sort of code does it punch out? Just css? If it's not supporting Swift, can't see it replacing PaintCode anytime soon in my toolkit 😊
@johntheoak just for the moment but expect that to change soon.
I think it will be much easier for those whom use InVision then Zeplin to achieve this, Very interesting, keep up the good work.
Looks like Avocode, but would it be faster?
So happy to see it work with Sketch! InVision has made incredible work this past year. I didn't expect that much creativity to be honest. Good job guys!
@bptstmlgt Thank you- please hit us up and let us know how we can continue to improve. A large majority of what we've launched this year is the direct result of feedback and requests from our community. Enjoy!