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Hey Producthunters! I'm Anton from Insights.VC. As founders, we constantly learn. While it takes a long time, the takeaway is always short — an insight, something that you can tell others in a few short sentences. That's why we made Insights.VC — so you can use those insights to grow your business and to communicate with your team, and the community. We hope that you'll find our tool as useful as we do. Here's one of our favourite insights: “Be aware that management books tend to be written by management consultants who study successful companies during their times of peace.” — Ben Horowitz
Nice collection of advice and tips in the form of bite-sized quotes from notables!
@chrismessina Very cool. Splitting into categories/companies is a nice touch! I wonder if they will introduce people eventually. Could be possible to crowdsource individual advice?
@abityastunggal Of course! People’s profiles are already there — you can sign in via Twitter, save insights, and put them together into relevant collections. We’ll be sure to personalize the experience even more because building the community around Insights.VC is our #1 priority right now. Any suggestions for us?
@antonoutkine Awesome. VC is a great place to start. I love the idea. I'm signing up. Let me know if I can ever help with anything.
@abityastunggal Great! We'd really love some honest feedback and suggestions, so hit me up here or at anton@insights.vc if you'll have any ideas!
Hi Producthunters! My name is Nata, I'm part of the team. As the editor of Insights.VC, I'd like to thank all the makers who shared their PH launch experience. I found some incredibly valuable insights by @jasonyogeshshah, @borthwick, @ashread14, @scalosub, @ericbieller, and @rrhoover, of course, that helped us prepare for this launch.
Great stuff! Signing up, you can never get enough help and direction. The UX design is great. Simple and clear. Please extend the fade in fade out of the posts at the top. Its hard to read the entire post before it vanishes into thin air. Otherwise, Great! @antonoutkine @billlecart
@rudomartin Rudo, thanks for your feedback! You're not the first to suggest it, so there's definitely a problem. We'll fix that! Thanks for the kind words on UX, we try and do our best. Please do not hesitate to come back to us if you have any insights!
How are you generating these company timelines? e.g. https://insights.vc/companies/do While not core to this product launch I guess, this timeline seems like a way better chronology of companies than I can find on Crunchbase, AngelList, Mattermark, etc. although those product serve other valuable purposes.
@jasonyogeshshah Hi Jason, and thanks a lot ) Our editorial team created those timelines, and now you are free to edit Do's timeline as its owner! The timeline editor still needs polishing, but we will be happy to help in case you have any questions or suggestions.