for GitHub is a browser plugin for GitHub that enables you to navigate and search through repositories like it's in your IDE

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I am a software engineer at Google and I constantly use this tool known as CodeSearch at Google and I am a big fan of the product. seems to be expanding this concept to repositories on GitHub in general, pretty impressive work!


code search made it so much easier to navigate through your code!


waiting for more support on PHP

Hi everyone! We’re and we are thrilled to share with you a browser plugin we are building for GitHub. plugin for GitHub brings IDE-like search and navigation experience right into GitHub. Here are some core features of the plugin: File Tree Navigation: switching between files with one click Symbol Search: search by class name, method name, symbol name etc. Class Structure: list member variables, member functions, inner class etc. Cross Reference: jump to definition, find references I hope you can check the product out, we are now available for Chrome and Firefox: Chorme: FireFox: The team is going to hang out here today and constantly check out comments and answer questions, you can also contact us by anytime.
Xuezheng MaEngineer
My life will never be the same. 11/10
Erick Barron
I didn't think this was possible, but sure makes more sense to view it like an IDE 😁
@erickbarron86 it's certainly not easy to do but we are working hard to make the experience as close to an IDE as possible:)
Awesome plugin! Was a nightmare navigating repos on github
@rushabh_sheth Thanks! We feel the pain too and hopefully we can be helpful:)
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