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Hey everyone, here's the latest newsletter from Inside.com... [ INSIDE VR & AR ] I'll be here answering any questions you might have about Inside.com, startups, life, etc. -- ask me anything! Also, we're giving away an Oculus Rift – enter to win here: http://contest.inside.com/giveaw...
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@jason I enjoy the LAUNCH Ticker, thank you. :) How is the monetization effort going for your newsletters?
@shilorune We are experimenting with text and animated gif-based ads in the newsletters. LAUNCH Ticker has ~$100k from ~1,000 paid subscribers a year as well as $5k a week in ad inventory (or $250k a year if we sold out). I think we can sell half the inventory so, it's a $200-250k a year product, which means it will break even with two or three full-time folks. If we can hit 10,000 subs on a vertical newsletter we can make it into a small business. We need 100 of them to make it big business!
@jason This is great -- I literally ready every single word of ever single edition of LAUNCH Ticker.
@clarkvalberg high praise coming from you! :-)
Great to see VR & AR as the next Inside.con newsletter. Great work from @Jason, Austin and team!
@dflanegan thanks pal... what vertical newsletter should we do next?
@jason short list: #1 - AI (bots, pers assistants, etc) Leaning this way due to all the recent hype and real work being done. Also co-founded a co in the space, so a personal interest. #2 San Francisco / Silicon Valley issues re: politics, housing, transportation, employment, crime (gotta build the platform for that mayoral run) This 2nd one is the gutsy one. Gotta have some balls to take this on, but highly valuable.
@dflanegan We are thinking about doing Inside San Francisco or Inside Oakland for sure... the local news stuff is interesting but the issue is they are much lower CPM (i.e. local businesses vs. huge tech platforms). We will do one as a test at some point in 2016 I'm sure!
@jason makes sense. If not Inside, someone outside traditional SF/Bay Area media should focus on this. Maybe the next question... what topics should you definitely NOT do ;-)
This is particularly useful for us, thanks for putting it together! What's the best way to contribute content back to these tickers?
@amittm Just hit reply on any email you get from Inside. We read and appreciate all of them!
@awwstn @amittm yeah, hit reply and it goes to the entire team.
Just what the community needed! Love it!
Was looking for something similar. Thank you @jason and the Inside team!