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@jason How is this going to give anyone more or better info than you would get from traditional sources? Do you special access? Have you got a mole inside Tesla? Are you monitoring Elon's FB messenger with chatbots? Tell us how does this become more than regurgitated news? On a side note you must have some awesome vitamins Jason cause you are seriously the hardest working man in Silicon Valley... Keep on hustling brotha...
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@jason As one of the many who pre-ordered a Model 3, I'm anxiously awaiting more news about it. Will you be doing a roundup of existing news, or will you ever have your own reporting and exclusive scoops to look forward to? Looking forward to this!
@jason I guess with 2 Model Ss in the drive, I ought to sign up. (Sadly one of the Model Ss is a loaner, but still it's good for bragging rights :-) ) I'd just repeat what's already been asked, what will this newsletter bring me that I don't already get in feeds from other sources like e.g.
@jason do the first hundred (or whatever number I am) signees to the list get a free Tesla?
I'll jump in and answer some of these questions. We don't have moles or special access, but we have a highly talented editorial team that pays very close attention to the industry and the company, and the thousands of publications/forums that talk about Tesla each week. We're not out doing original reporting on Tesla, but we do have experts who are digging into the various stories and providing analysis, perspective, and depth. Most Tesla fans aren't active on the forums that are out there, and most also don't have finely tuned news feeds and alerts to get just the stuff they want – but even if you ARE active on the forums and you DO have finely tuned alerts and feeds, I think you'll find that we still provide value. Of course, if we don't, you can always reply to let us know, or simply unsubscribe. @rujmah: You don't get a free Tesla for being among the first hundred signups (also, we're long past 100 signups, so you'd have missed it anyway). But, we're currently researching the possibility/ROI of giving away a Tesla Model 3 to the community. No promises, but it is something we're considering.
I remember you teasing this on TWiST a ~month ago, @jason. Vertical-specific emails like this are super valuable. I know some lists that make significant revenue per subscriber because it's so targeted vs. a large, broad newsletter. Smart move. So, what's your next topic!? 😊
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@rrhoover I'm sure @jason will jump in here and have more to say, but yes, you nailed it. We think email is an interesting place to build a media business (big post about the *why* of this coming soon), and building out a network of different verticals makes sense for a number of reasons: 1) organic growth happens faster in tight-knit communities than general interest ones 2) CPMs are higher in targeted verticals 3) simply, there's a hunger for news in certain verticals, and there's value in having a credible voice sifting through everything to make sense of it, analyze it, and share the most interesting stories. More verticals coming soon. Ping me if you want to be looped into some of our betas:
@rrhoover We tried Apps for this, and obviously LAUNCH Ticker is doing exceptional after five years ($100k in subs, $5k per week for the ads... Which we just started). There isn't a huge business here in owning one newsletter..... But if we build a collection of them it would have a compounding effect like owning Engadget, Autoblog, Joystiq, TUAW and 80 other blogs did for Weblogs Inc. The great part is we are running a company with 1/10th cost and getting 15x the engagement than we did with Apps -- which is just massive leverage. What would your third newsletter be Ryan?! :-)
@jason hrmmm, the ideal topics might be something nascent (where are there's less competition), growing (so there's an opportunity to ride the wave), tangential to your existing properties (one that's easy to cross-promote to your audience), and has an enthusiastic community (where people are passionate to subscribe and share). In your case that might be Virtual Reality or Artificial Intelligence.
@rrhoover interesting... Yes, we've discussed Inside VR & AR, as well as Inside AI & Machine Learning. We also have to find exceptional curators to do this, so if anyone out there has ideas and 10-20 hours week, please ping
@jason @rrhoover @inside How about some stuff way more specific or roductrelated like -#AmazonEcho #GoogleHome and #WhateverAppleiscomingup. As well as the cloudstuff #AWS, #Google #Microsoft #Rackspace. And maybe even Messaging from #Allo to #Whatsapp to #imessage to #wechat or maybe even business sidish #Slack and #Trello. thanks and keep up the great work.
Hi all! We're working on lots of things at – and most of it is focused around email. We worked on this newsletter with a small group of Tesla owners during a private beta over the past month, and are now excited to launch it to the public. As someone who doesn't own a Tesla, I've still found it super interesting as a way to keep up on all the fascinating things they're working on. (The newsletter also covers the wider electric vehicle industry and occasionally SpaceX, Hyperloop, etc). Our CEO @Jason Calacanis is planning to do some Q+A here throughout the day, so I'll let him jump in, but just wanted to share a bit about this project.
I love the Launch-Ticker for being a great summary of almost everything important surrounding technology without me having to check all the newssites, Blogs, tweets myself. It is actually my number 1 source fo techstuff. And i'm looking forward to the inside Tesla Channel! Please add more niches like that, but maybe less regularly than daily, #cantkeepup #gototherstufftodoaswell
@jason do you still think Elon will sell to Apple or how did your point of view change from the time you wrote about it last year.
@mskakala I have no inside information, but I do think that Apple buying Tesla would be an exceptional use of 1/3rd to half of their cash -- and that would be amazing for $tsla share holders (3-4x return over night). Personally, I think after Elon delivers the 3rd gen he will have completed the mission, and it might make sense for him to focus 100% on Mars. However, there is also a chance that self-driving cars will reboot the mission of Tesla.... Something no one really considered when he started. Apple will make a car, but it will be here two or three years after the Gen 3.... Like 2021.
@jason @mskakala Good luck with the newsletter, I am surprised there aren't more targeted news sources on various high flying stocks. Hopefully also objective ones, that don't get Stockholm Syndrome from their subject. How would the newsletter have covered the classic investment bank upgrade-then-lead-a-secondary move with Tesla last week? Your (to be fair) off-the-cuff Apple buyout analysis is hopefully not representative of what to expect on the investor side, with fanboy-bullish numbers pulled out of thin air. Why not spend more than half of Apple's (overseas, yet to be US-taxed) cash? If TSLA is worth $660 or $880 as your 3-4x buyout numbers suggest -$90 to $120 billion deal value - why not $1100? Apple could raise more debt! Be visionary! Tesla is still hemorrhaging cash despite a ludicrous tax breaks for their buyers (and themselves: lookin' at you Nevada). Is their engineering lead that far ahead to justify the necessary future cash flow projections to even justify the current price? If Elon is leaving for Mars, isn't the value of Tesla at least slightly impaired in a buyout? SpaceX is the real revolutionary - slashing the cost of rocketry and providing a real alternative to the "United Launch Alliance" aka Boeing-Lockheed cartel which just milks taxpayers shamelessly. Would rather see a newsletter on the private rocketeers FWIW.