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Hi all – we've been hard at work building vertical-specific media products (VR/AR, drones, electric vehicles, infosec, etc.), and Inside SF is our attempt at a geo-focused newsletter. We've been sending it in a private beta to about 50 people for the past few weeks, and after lots of iterations we feel really proud of it. If this works, we'll try them in other cities/regions – but given that our audience has more representation from the Bay Area than anywhere else, this seemed like a good place to start. I'm sure @jason will jump in and add more, but let us know if you have any questions!
love it... look forward to hear great stories
I've been following Launch newsletter for a long time now pretty religiously. If Inside SF will have the same quality of topics - hand picked super interesting things to know - I'm totally in!
@awwstn @jason Inside New York City next?! 🗽
@thesiskar @jason it's on the list – especially if we can make this SF newsletter take off
Already getting @Inside daily, which is proving to be pretty useful. Looking forward to getting my local news on top of it! Very cool.