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We've been working hard on lots of new email newsletter verticals. This one is curated by David Strom (, a veteran journalist who has been covering network technology and security for decades. He's a master at this stuff, and is doing a really fantastic job putting this newsletter together. We've been beta testing it with a group of 50 security professionals, and the response has been fantastic. Happy to answer questions, and let us know what you think!
@awwstn Are you open to monetizing the newsletter via native/sponsored posts? If so, please connect me with someone on your side who can carry forward with the discussion. thx
@awwstn Minor bug on the newsletter...the logo on the archived edition is linking to the ev.inside site vs. the security site.
@david__fortino thanks, that bug should be fixed going forward. Would love to chat about sponsorship opportunities! Let me know what you have in mind:
@awwstn @inside Great! I'll be in touch via email. thx
Thanks for all the goodwill everyone, and let me know how I can make the newsletter more engaging and relevant to your needs.
Well done, @jason, @awwstn, & @dstrom! I look forward to reading this regularly. InfoSec certainly is a rapidly developing field, I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding content! 😁 I really enjoy Inside's bite-sized delivery. As far as making it more engaging, (personally) I would maybe look into embedding relevant videos (maybe recent conference talks or something) and a calendar with upcoming events (conferences, CTF competitions, etc.) Also, have you considered free or reduced subscription prices for .edu email address so broke college students such as myself can subscribe? Newsletters such as this are a great opportunity for students to see how what they are learning in the classroom is applicable to real-life. And hey, maybe you will have a new paying customer after graduation! 😜
Thanks Chase, will look into linking to more videos in the future.
I love these Inside newsletters
Thanks to the @producthunt community for giving us great feedback on what email newsletters to launch next. We are very bullish on [ Inside Security ] because the topic is getting more complex, global and important to everyone on the planet -- not just CSOs. This newsletter is also a departure for us, as we've partnered with legendary journalist David Strom (, who I have always enjoyed reading. In our other newsletters we've hired strong, intelligent and hard working b2b journalists, in this case we partnered with a legend (splitting revenue). We're hopeful we might find other legendary voices to partner with.