Over 50 sales experts, leaders, bestselling authors and practitioners from companies like LinkedIn, Google, and Box are sharing their strategies. You'll learn their step-by-step sales process, get high-impact outreach tactics, proven hiring techniques and more.

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Steli and the Close.io team are bringing together 50+ interviews with SaaS sales leaders 100% free this week. The speakers (including yours truly) are talking about building a scalable sales process, sharing their step-by-step outreach tactics that have landed deals with Fortune 500 brands, and behind the scenes of how the best leaders are hiring, managing and growing their organizations. Pure gold if you're looking to grow your SaaS business.
Thanks for hunting, @hnshah! We’re pumped to finally bring this to life 👏
I find this interesting and useful. Yes, we all do have an access to the articles and content marketing of most of the companies, BUT - this kind of events share more valuable info, we could hear and discover some things that companies usually do not share... I will not listen to all interviews, maybe in the long period. But for now - several interviews seems to be very interesting and waiting for them! Thanks.
@anna_shamkova YES! That's exactly why we put this together—I'd venture to say not many people even *should watch all of these interviews... take what you can from what's most relevant to you. Plus, it's nice when these events are actually 100% free without a ton of wild upsells to a $999 online course afterwards 😂