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The latest newsletter – written and curated by, who has extensive experience covering cannabis. This is is a professional trade newsletter geared toward people in the business of marijuana. Subscribe here: – and let us know if you have questions!
Looks like a competitor to @snoopdogg's Merry Jane. 😁
@rrhoover More of a competitor to Ganjaprenuer (, since Merry Jane is more of a consumer culture pub.
@rrhoover @snoopdogg my expectation is that there will be 3 newsletters about every important topic; would like to be #1, but we can win the silver or bronze once and a while. :-)
lot of discussion around if we should call this newsletter Inside Cannabis instead of Inside Marijuana -- thoughts?
@jason Google Books Ngram Viewer shows marijuana overtaking cannabis around 1938. Marijuana is the more frequently used term.
@jason Marijuana is probably more frequently used, but I've noticed a trend among industry shareholders moving towards the term cannabis. For whatever reason they believe it has less stigma associated with it and it's a bit more progressive. That's simply my take on it based on the conversations I have with other industry shareholders. Looking forward to receiving your content, just signed up 😊
@jason Inside Cannabis. Marijuana is actually a term created in the 1930's by prohibitionists to incite racism towards Mexican and African Americans. The history of cannabis goes back thousands of years and is the preferred name in the industry. I would encourage anyone interested to watch the documentary "The Scientist" which goes into further detail on the history of the plant. It is fascinating!
@jason I would suggest Inside Cannabis. Like the comments before have mentioned, although marijuana is the more popular term among consumers, the industry is making a push to use cannabis as it is a less stigmatized word. I imagine that cannabis will out strip marijuana in the long run as legalization begins to spread. From an SEO stand point, Google processes weed, marijuana, and cannabis as the same word. Plus, I find that linguistically, cannabis just sounds a bit more pleasant than marijuana.
@jason +1 on Inside Cannabis

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