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Hi all! @Jason and I will be around today to answer any questions you might have. We're ramping up editorial efforts and have a team digging deep into everything that's happening in the world of drones and reporting back twice/week via email newsletter. So far, it's been popular among investors, professional drone pilots, and drone owners/enthusiasts – but even if you're just curious about the world of drones I think you'll find this interesting/accessible. Also, we're giving away a DJI Phantom 3! Enter here to win:
@awwstn @jason You should check us out. We were just picked up by the news, after all. ;)
@awwstn @jason would like to have Jason as a guest on my drone podcast, @DronesPodcast ( Let me know if interested and if you're Bay Area-based!
Love these Inside newsletters. Keep them coming for other verticals too!
Are these Inside newsletters replacing the direction you were previously going with category-specific apps? e.g. Inside Drones iOS App
@bentossell Yep, we're hyper-focused on email right now – turns out the engagement is 10X higher and the costs are 10X lower. Post coming soon about this.
Just subscribed. Looking forward to see the first edition of newsletter 👍
interesting. Noted! @awwstn @bentossell
I DL'd the original app, and after hearing the TWIST interview with @ericries where @jason explained the breakdown of why email was more cost effective with better returns, I agree it makes more sense, and I certainly consume your content more regularly that way. With that said, if one was to follow this trajectory, coupled with the constant reminders of "App Fatigue", then he/she would be lead to believe you will be creating chatbots for all of these topics as well or potentially instead? :) I know email isn't going anywhere, but we're living in a Slackified, messaging, API-centric world, are we not?
Big fan of the inside newsletters and would love to help in your beta/experts group if you're still testing content/style/structure.