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Fantastic! I've been waiting for this Inside newsletter for a long time. @adamdill how do you curate content for the newsletter. The problem you write on the landing page of having to follow so many sources of news to keep up is very real! P.S. the link on the Inside Dev landing page that goes to Daily Drip is broken. Currently going to rather than Yay link routers!
@kunalslab thats a great question, and the answer is limited crowd sourcing. We have a whole network of developers passing along the coolest stuff they find each week. Also I'm taking some time each week to go through HN/Reddit/PH/etc and pick out the best stuff from those sources. We add our own favorite articles from our news readers, collect the similar stories and curate it down to the most engaging and important items. We've been running a test on our current blog for a few weeks, if you want to see what it'll look like: some of theme are even narrated with video, another random thing we are trying out.
@adamdill loving the video narration concept. Been trying that out for conferences/talks and people seem to like the context and short summaries! Would love to hear what feedback people are giving about your videos.
Hey :) Interesting newsletter! But you should change your screenshot, the image shows too much text, with no padding, resulting in a bloated sensation and will turn off many of your potential users! (just a thought ;) )