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Today we have some big announcements and milestones to share about Here’s the tl;dr: 1. Raised $2.6 million to continue growing this newsletter business 2. Ended 2018 with $1.1M in annualized revenue 3. Today we’re launching 20 newsletters today on top of the 30 we’re already running (all listed below) 4. We’re launching a first-of-its kind ad server that allows brands to run native ads targeting broad demographics like “developers” “tech founders/execs”, “sales”, “high-earning consumers” “people who work in tech”, and lots more. 5. Just passed have 750K active subscriptions @jason and I  will be here all day to answer questions!
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@jason @awwstn how long did it take you guys to get to 750k subs ... also... whats the average subscribers do you guys have per newsletter.. lastly, did you guys break the 1m barrier on 2017? -- thanks guys!
What’s real news? If you’re ad supported how can you be 100% unbiased if you rely upon serving the needs on your advertisers?
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Congrats on the raise, @awwstn and @jason. Newsletters are underrated. I know you've experimented with SMS-based news. How has that gone?
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@jason @rrhoover it was very popular for power users, but it didn't grow beyond a small niche. (growth on an SMS list is much easy forwarding/sharing). We definitely may explore this again, but for the time-being we're focused on email...which is working really well!

Been subscribed to the Apple one for a few months and I love it 👌


Concise important digest sent daily to my mailbox



More than happy with the service. I am subscribed to 6 different newsletters.


It's human curated and it's way better than automated services like Google Trends. Also it's free and covers a lot of different topics.