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hey everyone... if you have questions, let me know! really hoping that the crowd tells us not only which of these newsletters we should launch, but also what newsletters you would like to see us add to the page! if we hit 5,000 subscribers we will launch anything.... well, I think almost anything! (is there a topic we would do if we got 5,000 subs?!).
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@jason loved your product.. will soon create something there.. :)
@jason already the daily round up adds so much value. I'd love to see a digital health & wellness specific newsletter probably merged with breakthrough research. Your on to something I will continue to be a subscriber to all newsletters.
@dvdrjo thanks pal!
@jason congratulations ๐Ÿพ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŽ‰and can't wait to consume, curate and be part of this awesome email network. "yum, yum" ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ’ก๐Ÿ’ธ
@jason @LaunchTicker is superb. Just signed up for another. I like the crowdsourced newsletter concept and the UI. I'm not sure this will save journalism as per your Medium article since distribution and overhead costs are only a couple of their problems. However, it may well create another more effective distribution model that benefits from scale economies.
@jason genius idea to essentially do a 'kickstarter model' to get people to subscribe to email lists before deciding whether to launch them or not.
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@_jacksmith @jason My intuition says people don't subscribe to newsletters just because it's on a topic they're interested in, but because they vibe with the unique perspective coming from the human(s) behind it. If I were running this, I'd put a face and a name next to each newsletter and recruit an awesome person to "own" each newsletter. Each newsletter would also get it's own branding and voice. I'd basically build the Vox Media of newsletters. Curious to hear what you think about this idea, @Jason!
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@nbashaw @_jacksmith @jason I totally agree to that. I subscribe to newsletter above all because of the unique perspective of a person.
@nbashaw @_jacksmith that's on the roadmap... if we have 1,000 folks subscribed to the topic we can actually just ask them: 'who would you like to write this?' // or we could put 10 people on the page and say 'vote / nominate who should write this!' -- lots of potential to crowd source the editors!
@jason @nbashaw it's probably easier to get an influencer for a topic once you have a 1k+ audience already
@nbashaw @_jacksmith @jason Agreed. Purely topic based newsletters are not of interest to me. Unique perspective of a specific person is.
This is a great idea however, why is there a submit button below an auto-load content? With a lot of newsletters this button will become close to impossible to click on. :)
@markoxvee for now you don't need to chase it more than 2-3 loads โ€“ when we have more newsletters we'll fix it. :)
@awwstn I understand that from your perspective but users have no clue this is only going to take them 2-3 loads. :D
@rotemthegolfer thanks! we were trying to figure out how we would pick the next 50 newsletters to launch -- and how we would get the first 5,000 subscribers for each -- when it dawned on me: KICKSTARTER/TILT that sh2#$%t!!! whichever newsletter gets the most votes we invest in next... that simple! your vote counts!
@jason This is a great way to source interest for new topics. How did you pick the threshold of 5K emails? Is that where the economics work out (Cost < LTV)? Or, is it just an arbitrary number to gauge engagement/value of a topic?
@webjoe we picked a number that would show clear demand and a path to at least breakeven. The key to success in the media business I've learned, is to not over spend and under monetize. 5,000 should keep us honest and profitable!