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This may seem like a "fun" vertical for an Inside newsletter, but the reality is that beer is multi-billion dollar industry and many people – from restaurant folks to brewers to distributors – have a pressing, professional need to stay up on this news. Inside Beer provides it, in one email.
@jason this feels important and more so I think it could be something fun. Next, alerts for happy hours and drink promos? Thanks Jason 😄🍺
@jason The craft beer scene in South Korea is kicking off. Have some mates that brew over in Seoul and are well connected to the scene. If you want me to give you an intro, let me know? My email
This is RAD. I'm in San Diego and would love to be your boots on the ground in the craft beer capital of the world.
@awwstn just sent you a message 😀🍺
@awwstn Austin are you interested in producing video content for this? Check our latest work @ I'd love to shoot some fun stuff around Santa Monica / Venice
Just saw this pop up on my notification and brings a smile to my face 😄 Inside Beer! Feels like it's Friday already.