Fast and Powerful RSS Reader inspired by Google Reader.

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These guys make me want to get my RSS-feeds out of the archives and use them again
Too bad their shortcut for opening article in background does not work properly (at least on Firefox). This is a feature I always need to hack with custom JS.
@lucascerdan Maybe they will introduce it in the next version :)
@bogomep Well, what's weird is that the shortcut exits (B) but does not work. Let's hope they can fix it :)
I will let them know. Thanks @lucascerdan :)
@lucascerdan Unfortunately Firefox doesn't allow simulating Ctrl/Cmd keypress events, which we use to trick browsers into opening a link into a background tab. Yes, it's a hack... GreaseMonkey allows you to do it in Firefox, because it has access to internal APIs (via GM_openInTab()) that web apps don't. But if you have a working pure JavaScript solution, we'll be happy implement it right away. I just made a new research today and it seems that things haven't changed a lot since last year when we implemented this shortcut. P.S. there's a feedback form inside our app (in the Gear menu). It's actually monitored by us :)
interesting. I think I prefer feedly though (at least on the desktop).