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Even though I work in the freelance world I've actually been on the other side of inly for a few months now. I've been paying my podcast producer and some designers via their inly invoices and I'll say that it actually makes me enjoy PAYING invoices. Goodness gracious, inly is beautiful.
Thanks so much for the hunt Andrew! Hi everyone, I’m Jeb! My co-founders and I are honored to be here and so excited to share with you what we have been working on the past 6 months! We wanted to make sending and receiving invoices a truly enjoyable experience. With Inly you can now quickly and easily send invoices, get paid quickly with eCheck or Credit Card, all while giving your clients a fully on-brand experience. We like to think it’s the sexiest invoice ever :) Here’s a quick example for you to check out: Inly was originally born out of a different start up we were working on for the wedding industry last year. It started as a small feature in the backend, but quickly we realized it was actually the hero of the story! SO we pivoted. It all started with the idea of what if an invoice was so beautiful it makes clients pay quicker… and after months of testing with a small group that is exactly what we have seen! How it works: Sign up for free, set up a Stripe account if you don’t have one already, then start sending a receiving payments like you never have before. If you had any feedback, ideas or recommendations, please let us know! I’m happy to answers any and all of your questions! Happy Hunting!
@jeb_holmes perfect timing! have tried everything out there, for some reason no one has really figured this out yet. Before even trying this, the UI is SICK!
@ariaitch you are too kind, that is so encouraging! Thanks for checking it out and let us know if there is anything we can do to make it even better for you!
@jeb_holmes Sure! are you payment fees on top of Stripe's?
@ariaitch Great question- The processing fees listed on our homepage are the actual total fees per transaction, there are no additional Stripe fees on top of that 👍🏼
@jeb_holmes then what do you charge?
We've been using Inly for our enterprise billing for the past few months - l absolutely love the design of the dashboard, but more importantly, I know my customers are impressed by it. They've told me multiple times.
Excited to bring some good ol' southern charm to PH this morning. Have been watching the inly team for the past few months and even visited them at their shop in Nashville a few weeks back. They're solving a real problem. If you've even invoiced a client, you know what a pain it can be to create a beautiful invoices that make you and your work look good. Inly brings something fresh to a somewhat boring, stale set of options. I love a team that approaches software like a piece of art, and you can feel that with inly the moment you try it out. Some genuinely good folks that built a pretty kickass product. Oh, and it's free to use and plays nice with Quickbooks online (with Freshbooks coming). Give it some love and take it for a spin. I'm a huge fan of what they're building.
Best explanation video ever!