Crowdfunded Book Publishing

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Jeremy Thomas
Jeremy Thomas@jgrahamthomas · Engineering @Gusto
Crowd funding gives us reduced marketing costs. An author who raises around $10,000 (Kickstarter did $20 million in book projects in 2012) for a 200 page fiction book on Inkshares has an instant readership of 500 to 1000 backers. These people are passionate, and they talk. Funds raised do cover more traditional marketing avenues, which we'll subsidize as needed. Crowd funding also gives us a leg up with distribution through the demographic insight we derive from the process; we know what kind of people will be interested in buying the book. We're definitely bullish on the model.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverHunterPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
It seems like every industry is applying the crowdfunding model, from t-shirts (Teespring) to startups (Alphaworks). Related: micro-publisher, FG Press ( also launched earlier this week.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverHunterPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
cc @UXAndrew (was chatting w/ him about book publishing recently) and Liberio's ( @imcatnoone.
Cat Noone
Cat Noone@imcatnoone · Founder & CEO, Iris
Very interesting
Andrew Zusman
Andrew Zusman@uxandrew · UX Designer
There are so many publishing options...if a standard publisher doesn't work, then I like and Inkshares. Inkshares is great because it has editors...but the question I have is about marketing more than anything else?