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My co-founder has the densest vocabulary I've ever heard. He says words that I faintly remember having looked up once or twice before, but have since forgotten what they mean. We built Ink Paste so this won't happen again. We use spacing effect techniques via email (delivered at fibonacci intervals) to commit words to your brain. And we wanted the product to be dead simple. Hopefully we've achieved our goal!
It's gotta be "misoneism" (, which means "a hatred, fear, or intolerance of innovation or change." Push notifications are a good idea. We're also thinking of adding Square Cash-like functionality where you could shoot an email to, say "" with the word as the subject and automatically start the pasting process.
@jgrahamthomas ok, this is live. You can email with your word as the subject, and the pasting will begin!
Yesterday I was reading the new Founder's Fund manifesto and the writer used the Latin phrase Sui Generis - which basically is Latin for "Unicorn", "one of a kind", "in a class of its own", etc. So now I'll remember that. I LOVE it. And @madihg would LOVE this too.
I would love something as simple as this but with Japanese words. Maybe instead of only allowing words that you can define, you could have an option for the user to enter their own definition? Then I could put in こんにちは and write "hello" in the definition and have that sent to me.
@rjun07a interesting indeed. let me see what we can do!
@jgrahamthomas it's unclear to me how this works. After entering a word, the site asks for my email without any details on how it will be used or why it's needed. Can you please elaborate a little?
@rrhoover in our quest for simplicity I think we overlooked actually telling people what this does! 1. Lookup a word. 2. Enter and confirm your email. 3. We send you the definition of your word on day 1,2,3,5,8,13,21 and 34. After day 34, repetition has (hopefully) committed this word to long term memory!
@jgrahamthomas @rrhoover Ok, the homepage (for logged out users) has been updated with a "how does this thing actually work" section.