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Keith BrissonΒ β€” CEO and Cofounder,
Hello Product Hunters!

We’re quite psyched to launch today here. We’re (Techstars Boulder 2016), a simple-to-use platform that makes building intelligent conversational apps easy.

We want companies and brands to go beyond the limits of chatbots. With our platform, they can engage their users naturally. Developers can build apps that would be up and running in less than hour.

You can start building your conversation apps right now β€” try it yourself, free!

Mike GozzoΒ β€” Head of product @smoochlabs
I've been working with @keithbrisson and @adawoodi as they took the first steps in building's messaging connectivity with Smooch. At every turn, I've been impressed by their technical prowess and the potential of their platform as one of the first "next-generation" conversational experience builders.

This tool may not be your best choice if you want to create a relatively simple bot experience based on keywords, however it's a great way to build, train and maintain a more sophisticated conversational experience - particularly if you are a developer that wants to shift into high gear and really control your outcome.

@keithbrisson - can you tell us more about the insights that are behind your unique approach? How does init make bot building better?
Keith BrissonΒ β€” CEO and Cofounder,
Hi @gozmike, thanks so much for the kind words and question.

We're providing developers the tools to make great conversation experiences that add real value to the companies they work for. We think we're just at the start of this great shift towards chat and natural language conversation, and we want to power it now and into the future.

To make that happen, we started with the basics. We built a unique, conversational NLP system that works with messages in sequences instead of isolation, to better understand context and meaning. In end-user trials, people always wanted to go beyond questions and answers to a back-and-forth interaction. That's what we ultimately want to enable.

And then we built all the tools that make training such as system possible. The machine learning underneath is sophisticated, and always changing as new techniques come out, but we abstract it away into simple developer tools to let companies focus on their core business, not arcane technology.

Finally, we see conversational interactions emerging everywhere--from messaging apps to wearables to IoT--so we enable these applications to be built once and deployed everywhere.
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