Enjoy looking at the most advanced Google Search Tool. You can use Infoscope to customize and visualize your searches in Google, each search is represented by a set of nodes, each representing a specific operator!!
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Hello Makers and Hunters!!! I made Googlescope because i needed something easier to use when need use Google Advance Search. I studied all the google operators and summarized them in 9 actions, each represented by a Googlescope button. In addition, I felt the need to visualize the search instead of using a boring form, so I represented each query with a node structure, each action is a node and each node has its own specific color. Here’s what you can do with Googlescope: ✅ Search by country ✅ Search by language ✅ Search by timeframe ✅ Search by match of words ✅ Search by word and defining its position in the website: title, content, url and links ✅ Search excluding word in the results ✅ Search by domain ✅ Search by last update ✅ Search by file type Happy googling !! Thank you very much for your attention! 🙂
@francesco_monder Love this so much!! Any plans for a firefox addon?
@braden_wiggins_5 if i see enough support i ll do it for sure! I love the idea
For anyone requesting new features in the advance google search please write here, i ll be happy implement them in Googlescope when possible :)
loved this product!!! The segmentation is quiet useful! :-)
@isha_mahar Thank you very much for the feedback! i always value it :)
Bravo Francesco! Excellent search tool. Simple, easy-to-use, super-powerful and effective. I highly recommend it. P.S.: The visualization is helpful though it could be made more legible and effective without recurring to a map. It's fancy but it's not functional for this specific use. A stack of the variables set would be much easier to consult and make sense of. *I have just published a short review about it on tools.robingood.com.
@robingood haha great Italian !:) thanks for the review, really appreciated. Yeah i really share your thinking, is fancy but can be done more functional, thank you for the advice i wrote it down, it definitely will influence next release.
Makes sense, good job :)
@danirogerc thank you for check it out my extension, if i have a positive feedback i am planning to implement the features of Googlescope to cover operators not existing in the actual Google Advance Search. For example right now is possible add a domain in the search to get result just matching that domain, but impossible add more than one, as google don t allow it, but is actually possible to do. Same for many other possibilities to increase the way we can access the information in the internet.