Infinity is a completely customizable work management platform that allows you to organize everything in one place.
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Hey Product Hunt! Stefan here, one of Infinity’s co-founders. :) First of all, I’d like to thank @saskisnerdtalk for hunting us - we’re all surprised, but at the same time thrilled that we are finally on Product Hunt. When we first started working on Infinity about two years ago, there were four of us and we had no idea how much it would grow and how much support we’d get. At the time, we just knew that we wanted to create a product that would help people organize themselves in the best way possible. In November 2018, we released our official Beta version of Infinity, and received such amazing feedback from the community that we were thrown. This encouraged us to push forward and be better, and so our new features and updates started seeing the light of the day. And as Infinity grew, so did our community and our team. Today, Infinity’s starting to take shape of what we want it to become: one organized place that will allow people to create various workflows, frameworks, and processes in their own way. Infinity’s greatest strength lies in its capacity to store any type of information, categorized into a meaningful structure, and accessible in only a few clicks. Picture it as a never-ending growing tree that holds all the things you want to plan, organize and keep track of. What can you do with Infinity? - Use custom attributes to organize projects, tasks, calendars, processes, checklists, events, - contacts, meals, documents, and a lot more. - View items in multiple ways: as tables, lists, columns, calendars, and Gantt charts. - Group, filter, sort, and customize your data. - Invite and collaborate with your team members easily. - Create and share custom forms to collect necessary data. - Share entire boards with people who are not on your team. - Import data from Trello and CSV files. - Integrate Infinity with over 2,000 apps through Zapier. - Track how much time you spend on tasks with Clockify. - Use the app on web, as well as Android and iOS. We have a number of new features planned for the upcoming months, and we’re excited to have such a great community on our side. I’d like to take this opportunity to mention that we’re currently running a lifetime deal campaign, which means that you get to pay once for one of our plans and enjoy Infinity forever. Website: Once again, thank you on the behalf of the entire Infinity team. Stefan Co-founder at Infinity
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@saskisnerdtalk @slnet could this be used as an inventory management system?
@aja_ferrell thanks for the question. You can definitely make an inventory management system.
@slnet Is there a way to try this out prior to buying the LTD?
Been using this for a few months now. Got the LTD. Stefan and his team are working hard to make a killer product. Thank you!
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@retentionmedia thank you for the nice words :)
I found this tool recently and it is a good airtable / trello competitor with lifetime-deal pricing plans.
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@saskisnerdtalk thanks for hunting us.
I LOVE Infinity! I was in at the beginning and have been using the app for almost 2 years. What can I say. My team and I use it to map out social media and communicate with each other on strategy and changes. It's way prettier than Trello, lots of the same functionality but seems to have more creative flexibility. I don't get as confused as I did when I used Trello. I'm super happy I found Infinity and haven't looked back.
Hey @elizabetharper 👋, thank you for being with us from the start :) Great feedback.
Excellent in so many ways. Prior to moving everything to Infinity we were using Trello and a a variety of other productivity and data management tools. Thanks to Infinity's flexibility and wide feature set, we've been able to consolidate everything under one roof. The system is well organized, feature packed, ultra stable, and it a pleasure to use - and we're using it daily so if it wasn't we'd know by now. After six months I can honestly say I think we will be with Infinity for many years to come. And the support is always superb. On the rare occasion we can't figure something out there's always been timely help at hand, and I can't think of an occasion where we have been able to do what we were wanting to do. So a big shout out to the support team at Infinity. I wish this amazing product had been around years earlier, as there have been so many times when a tool like this would have transformed many of the projects we were working on back then, and made them so much easier to keep on top of.
@paul_smithson thank you so much for the feedback. It really means a lot :)