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Hi everyone, I’m co-author of IMT, We are happy to share this game today, as a part of the monthly hackathon, IMT was developed entirely in 29 days and was developed with ReactJS and Redux 😎. The final mission, besides entertaining people, is to enhance and display the player’s musical culture. We’d love to get your feedback!
@loverajoel awesome idea. The look and feel is amazing. I would like to suggest displaying the full song name after the user choose his answer, on the same screen where right now is displayed the current score. It happened to me to forget the song name even though I've seen it just a few moments before.
@charlietango592 thanks for your feedback! I will take a look!
I've decided; all future Total Assault team members must submit their Infinite Music Trivia score upon application for employment!
Pretty much made for someone like me. Crap, my productivity will suffer..
@adammarx13 In that case, make sure you share it your your colleagues and bosses. A few wrongs can make a musical right! haha
I've just "misused" half an hour from my time playing this little trivia game, and I didn't even realize. Fun time!
Amazing game! This project rocks guys. Congrats!