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Seems to be a new focus for Indiegogo but quite a natural tangent! It is broken down into 4 categories: - Start a Campaign Take the plunge with our guided campaign-creation tool. It’s free, and you can easily start now and finish later. - Experts Directory Take your idea further with these experienced companies recommended by Indiegogo campaigners and staff. - Education Center Find everything you need for a successful campaign in one convenient location. - Indiegogo vs Kickstarter Learn about the benefits of choosing Indiegogo for your idea. See our detailed breakdown. And you can also download their guide
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I've been working with Indiegogo to beta test their marketplace and I have to say... I'm absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the direction this company is going. Partnership with arrow. Equity crowdfunding. Helping entrepreneurs. InDemand. Marketplace. And a lot more. It's absolutely incredible the speed you guys are moving at and the effectiveness you're operating at. Specifically, been working with Jake D., Shane C., Anders L., and now Jake W. Absolute rockstars. You should be incredibly proud @gogoslava, keep up the incredible work. You're the future Amazon in my eyes. One of your biggest fans, -Mikey
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Incredible. Just incredible. This is a really helpful and important development for crowdfunding.
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Wonder if this works for pre-existing products?
@sethlouey Absolutely. We've got educational resources and partners to support entrepreneurs at every stage - from crowdfunding to product development and sales. We are also giving entrepreneurs to sell directly to consumer with the Indiegogo Marketplace.
I see this as another turning point for entrepreneurship. Very excited about this!