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Indie Coffee promotes indie coffee shops in over 50 cities around the world. Our mission is to provide the right information to those who expect more from their coffee experience.

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Interesting to see how that actually works. The landing page doesn't tell much before I give my email ( which I'm still hesitating to do). @dontanios Any details you can share with us about how it works?
@aleks_muse hey! Thanks for asking! You can already try our bot on Facebook on the "Adbeus Coffee" page. Depends where you live, you'll get interesting results. The website is also using our API, I think it should give you a little bit more info. After you enter your email, we send you a few questions to understand what you like and from there we keep you posted on good coffee near you and shops that open. The AI part, uses a mix of social data and user input to improve what recommendations we send you. It's especially useful when you travel or when you're in a new neighborhood in your city. Let me know if this helps or if you have more questions. I'd be happy to tell you more!
@dontanios sounds cool! I do travel a lot, and as a coffee snob, I do always look for interesting coffee places. Looks like I'm a good fit for it :) Ok, giving it a try now. But are you planning a more informative / selling landing too?
@aleks_muse thank you for signing up! That's good feedback to improve the information on the landing, you're right! I'll work on that now. 😊
Interesting choice of colors. I see this as the new wave (or the next trend) in design; use of very subtle colors in gradients for background to make the users feel calm and good, and large typographic text communicating the message cleanly.
@op_in_on thanks for the nice words!