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Customer analytics for everyone. No code or SQL required.

#5 Product of the WeekMay 12, 2020
Indicative is a Customer Analytics platform designed for non-technical users. Powerful self-service analytics enable Product Managers, Marketers, and Data Analysts to make informed decisions by understanding the complete customer journey.
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Hi Product Hunt 👋, Last fall Indicative engaged in a major product revision to level-up our platform’s visual interface and improve overall performance. After innumerable hours of research and development, the Indicative team is proud to announce the launch of a brighter, cleaner, and faster Indicative. 📊🤔About🤔📊 Indicative, a leading customer analytics software company, has today announced a solution that makes it easier for nontechnical people to work with data. Released to the public this morning, a reimagined visual interface and increased functionality firmly establishes Indicative as a pioneer in advanced customer analytics for product and marketing teams. Many data-driven teams such as Product Management, Marketing, and Data Analytics use Indicative to optimize customer engagement, conversion, and retention. Indicative connects directly to your data warehouse, creating a single source of truth that enables complex data analysis. Our multidimensional user flows quickly diagnose drop-offs and identify high-conversion paths, allowing you to obtain a truly holistic view of your customer. No code or SQL knowledge required. 📈Experience the Difference📈 Sign up for free - you will find interactive demos using sample data from a fictitious company known as PetBox 🐶🐈🐾. These updates include: ❇️ A more intuitive query builder ❇️ Increased interactivity with tools and visualizations ❇️ Improved collaboration tools for teammates to share information ❇️ A mobile interface to access, share, and view insights ❇️ Upgraded data management support We started from the inside out, so you’ll see performance improvements in addition to visual ones 👍.
@tara_mcquaide Hi Tara, thanks for the detail. As someone who spends a lot of time looking at data - but with limited SQL ability - this piques my interest. How do you compare to something like Tableau? What integrations do you support?
@tara_mcquaide @ejsnowdon Hi Emily, thank you for your interest! Chiming in here to answer your q's. In short, Indicative allows non-technical business users to do their own complex customer analysis to understand how customers are interacting with your product, without using any SQL. Indicative was built for customer analytics, whereas as Tableau provides visualizations for a broader, and less flexible, range of analytics. You can read more about how Indicative compares to BI tools such as Tableau in our blog post here: We support a variety of self-serve and data warehouse integrations. Check out our Integration partners here:
Love this product
@jatamark Thanks for checking it out, Jed. Can I help you answer any questions you might have?
nice one
@henan_bella Thanks, Henan. Let me know if you have any questions.
Great product... nice to know about this
@sherin_simon Thanks Sherin, we have a talented team here and we're happy to hear you enjoy it.
UI looks great, look forward to checking this out! Some feedback on your landing page for guys here too -
@tom4 Thanks, Tom. Will will take your feedback into consideration as we continue to make improvements. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.