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#2 Product of the DayJuly 17, 2015 is a platform to connect startups, corporate brands, and investors.

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Hey there Product Hunt! We’ve built Index to easily keep track of tech. There is so much going on nowadays that it is undoable to keep tabs on the companies, markets and locations you’re interested in. Index provides you with a personalized stream of all relevant content and data from the companies, markets and locations you care about. Over the past 4 months it has been in private beta and was know as TNW Index, now it is a free to use stand alone product with its own team, and its own brand / domain. I hope you enjoy using it and feedback / ideas are welcome.
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@patrick Pretty awesome Patrick. We just put it on . Feel free to suggest edits.
@patrick Super cool Patrick. Two questions/bugs: 1) I have added Praber ( to the list of the companies and on it's page it shows that 1486 people are following it. How is that numbr calculated? 2) I can't seem to fetch the profile image from LinkedIn. I tried to press the butto multiple times.
@nicolasegosum when people follow a market or a location, it means they are subscribed to the news of every company tagged as such, so the total of followers is the sum of the people directly following a company + people following their markets and locations.
@pabloroman This would be great on WebMenu.
@patrick Got it, thanks. I would suggest you to explain it with a little tooltip 💬
Super excited to have seen this go form early Alpha to a stunning public beta. Way to go guys!
What's the reasoning behind LinkedIn signup only?
@eelcojellema In order to give everybody a face when submitting content, commenting etc. we we're looking for a social authentication. As Index is aimed at professionals and we wanted to choose only one social channel, we went for Linkedin. The beauty is that we can give immediate context next to comments or company edits (although we're not yet doing this). Also we can recommend you companies you could follow based on where your Linkedin connection work. It adds an extra dimension to the community that you don't have when allowing for email password signups, or a combination between one or more social channels and email + pass. By choosing one network, you can treat everybody the same way, which has a lot of benefits for the makers but also for the user (it results in a better user experience in the end). You see more apps making a deliberate choice on just one social network they use for authentication of their users (PH and Medium use Twitter, Tinder -> FB, Index -> Linkedin).
Really like this but signing in with Linkedin puts me off a bit...will just visit until Twitter sign in is around :) Really do love the product though!
@bentossell See my comment above. I understand you like a Twitter login and we do use the Twitter API to identify companies and track their updates, but for users we went for Linkedin for several reasons. Linkedin has personal accounts, where Twitter can have all sorts of accounts (people, companies, animals, bots, etc.). Through Linkedin we get info about the company you work for or worked for which we leverage when suggesting companies to follow. The sector in which you work is also interesting info (although we don't use it atm). The data from linkedin is more structured, which in the end results in a better user experience. There are disadvantages as well. For instance you chose not to sign up, because you rather log in with Twitter or email + pass, but also the Linkedin API itself is more restricted than Twitter. We would love to see which articles you share on social media to pull the best ones about tech for instance, which is possible with Twitter but not with Linkedin (at least we don't have those permissions). Anyway Ben, I don't think we would add Twitter as the way to login any time soon. You can swing by without an account any day, and if you really like what you see you might reconsider :) Either way, we love you. P.S. @lInkedin if you're listening, lets chat :)
@patrick understand your my situation. I work for a law firm (I am not a lawyer), I have worked for an ad agency (I don't like ads), my connections are basically forced because I don't want to offend co-workers and people I have met through my job :) haha sounds quite blunt but I don't think I am the only one in this situ. Basically I lead a secret tech startup double life and my 9-5 is no way affliated with it. I don't use Linkedin other than to run a company page. I never use it for content and know they are pushing for that but honestly I think too little too late for them in that space. Twitter is my content machine and visit daily/hourly through choice. Will be checking in regularly to see how it progresses and completely understand the points you have made re: Linkedin. At this time, the unfiltered view will do for me :) Thanks Patrick and well done to you + team
@bentossell totally get it. Keep on 'moonlighting' and I hope to see your product here at PH and I'll track it on Index
The design is looking great guys/girls!
@jruis grazie (answering in Italian as you have an Italian looking avatar haha)