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The oldest tool in the book

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Ryan Holiday
Ryan HolidayHunter@ryanholiday · Author, Ego is the Enemy
Here is the notecard system I am referring to:
David Lidsky
David Lidsky@davidlidsky · deputy editor, Fast Company
@ryanholiday I have a wall in my office filled with 3x5 cards of ideas in progress, issue lineups, etc. I've replicated it in Vesper but the card wall is a resource that many of my colleagues have now copied. Plus, I get to feel like a combination of a TV network programming executive scheduling Wednesday nights and a cop on the hunt of a serial killer. What's not to like?
Ryan Holiday
Ryan HolidayHunter@ryanholiday · Author, Ego is the Enemy
I use physical 4x6 notecards for everything. My to do lists, my story/article outlines, my book research, to scribble down phone numbers if I have to. It's just how I work. For some things, there is nothing better than the original pen and paper. Some quick tips on this: I store them in photo boxes. I also have an assistant digitize them with a scanner and then back them up on Dropbox. I know that there is a way to do that with Evernote but doing it by hand matters. Sweat for it and you'll remember it better, and as Raymond Chandler says, you'll make it count. (Here is my system sketched out more fully if you want to see)