Live chat 2.0: Customer messaging that converts

indemandly is a customer messaging platform designed for much more than just chat, with integrations and customizable call-to-action tiles that help website visitors & social media followers take the next step. + its FREE and quick to set up.

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Hey all 👋 Jeremy here - we're a small, design-obsessed team that's been working hard on indemandly since the start of the year. We're excited to show the PH community what we've built so far. We built a customer messaging platform that goes beyond live chat and helps website visitors take the next step with fast shortcuts that convert - from scheduling a demo and signing up to a webinar to giving feedback and making a payment. We want to help businesses make the most of this incredibly valuable piece of screen real estate with simple call-to-action tiles that cut through the clutter. Call-to-action tiles go on your widget and can be customized, supercharged with integrations, and changed at any time - so you can keep them fresh and relevant. In addition to putting the widget on any website, you can post your personalized indemandly link on social media or even print your unique QR code on a poster/ business card. Here are a few highlights - ⏳ Chat to visitors in real-time 💬 Reply to messages via Slack, email or your indemandly inbox 📷 Customizable call-to-action tiles (w/ stunning Unsplash pics) 📆 Google & Outlook calendar syncs for quick, conflict-free scheduling 🔗 Personalized link & QR code that you can post anywhere 💰 Accept payments from your widget with Stripe 👀 Emojis for your widget icon 💌 Supercharge your newsletter signups with our MailChimp integration ⚡️ Connect to 1000+ apps with Zapier We know we’ve got a long way to go, so you’ll see a lot more from us over the next few months - particularly in analytics and enhancing team functionality.
I've been trying out Indemandly and really like the flexibility of it. It's like a chatbot and Intercom had a child on steroids. From showing offers to letting people subscribe to your newsletter, to direct chatting (during hours that you specify!), Indemandly is versatile and can meet up with your interaction desires. Nope, not affiliated and since it is for my personal page for now, not a paying customer. But very enthousiastic about this service!
@eekayonline thank you! Really glad you're finding it useful!

I’ve used indemandly for a few months now and it’s been pretty amazing watching how quickly they’ve rolled out new features and updates. Am finding the calendar integration to be particularly useful for locking in sales calls with new leads who reach out. Keep up the great work!


Great UI/UX, Easy to use, email notifications are handy, Slack integration, Calendar integration


None so far

Looks great!
@leobassam Thank you!! 🙏
We have had a great experience with indemandly over the last six months. It has significantly improved the way that we have communicated with our clients. The most useful aspect of this platform has been with staff training where staff can communicate prior, during and after professional development sessions. It is a great way to capture the collective intelligence of the room. I am looking forward to exploring the rest that indemandly can offer.