Indeed for Chrome

Manage the status of your job applications across the web.

Indeed for Chrome is a free Google Chrome extension that helps you manage the status of your job applications on Indeed and other sites across the web.

It knows when to save your jobs, tracks the jobs you applied to, and even tracks your interviews and offers in one place.

Install it free today from the Google Chrome store!

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Hey @kmt232, Can you tell us more about what you've built here and how it works?
@jacqvon Absolutely! As many people know, looking for a new job can be a daunting process for several reasons. One challenge is keeping straight all of the job postings that are interesting, remembering which ones you still need to apply for, which ones you've already applied for and need to follow-up with, etc. Then you have the additional complexity of doing this across multiple job sites. Many of these sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, let you log in and track your applications for their site, however there isn't a central place to track all of this. That's why we built Indeed for Chrome. As you bounce around these sites, you take your browser with you and so at the browser level, you can store all of this helpful info. Hope that helps provide some more context.
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@jacqvon @kmt232 What a great timesaver for jobhunters
@roland_hovsepyan Thanks! Let me know if you have questions.
Indeed is a big spam farm :(. I posted a job post on (exclusively) and within 24 hours I started receiving random applications from indeed. As it turned they just scrape all job boards and then spam you with non qualified , quantity over quality resumes.
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