With Incremental Builds in Gatsby Cloud, when a developer or content creator makes a data change in their CMS, Incremental Builds will rebuild only what’s necessary—giving you up to 1000x faster builds with most data changes happening in under 10 seconds!
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Congrats @kylemathews and team! We would like to be compatible with GraphCMS. Is it just a matter of hooking up the webhooks properly?
@m_lukaszczyk yup! That and a Gatsby source plugin. We'll be writing docs soon on specifics but in the meantime, you can ping us for help!
Awesome! Will it ever come to gatsby CLI?
@victorbjorklund We're constantly shipping new optimizations for incremental data changes for self-hosting e.g. this recent improvement https://www.gatsbyjs.org/docs/pa.... Fast, real-time deployments need tight CI/CD integration to optimize & parallelize work. Builds are fastest through Gatsby Cloud because the platform is purpose built for Gatsby!
@kylemathews im just worried about vendor-lock-in. Would be happy to use gatsby.com. Just wanna make sure there is a backup vendor that I can move to just in case.
Congrats! Looking forward to trying it out!