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Hey! We're excited to announce the launch of our latest tool in our All-In-One Analytics & Feedback suite called Incoming Feedback. Incoming Feedback gives you instant visual feedback for your website or app. Incoming Feedback would not have been possible without the support and drive of the Hotjar team and community. We’re still a long way away from where we want to be but we are counting on all your feedback with Incoming Feedback to get us there faster. There's also an exclusive offer for the Product Hunt community. Get an extended 90-day trial to experience the full Hotjar Experience. I’ll be around today along with some of our team members to answer any questions you all have. Happy hunting!
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@daviddarmanin awesome tool guys - I've been using it in BETA so excited that it's out now! Customers are often genuinely trying to help out and this helps them do it quickly and accurately. Thanks!
@george_vou Thanks George ;) Great to hear you are finding it valuable!
@daviddarmanin I absolutely love incoming feedback tool! And congrats to the official launch. I'm keeping an eye on it. PS: Ping me when you will be ready for internationalization.
@daviddarmanin very good product. We use it since 4 months we love it! Help us improve a lot of pages.
@daviddarmanin looks great, would like to try switching from our current solution. How do we get the 90 day trial?
Absolutely amazing, been using Feedback for Plutio, and loving it! 🙌🏻🎉 I can't imagine what I could of done without you, HotJar! 😍
@loaibassam Thanks for the kind words and support Leo!
What a great addition to the Hotjar suite of tools! Building better apps just got easier 🙌 Good job guys!
Being one of the first Hotjar users, I've tested this feature for a while now. It's a great tool when asking and giving specific feedback: design elements, copy structure etc. It really helps you connect the dots and fill in the blanks. Love it.
@amvlad Thanks for your support Alin!
Love this! Can't wait to try it out :)
@savvaszortikis We look forward to your feedback once you do!