Inbox Grader by Freshworks

Free metrics 📈 for your business and team email ✉️

Inbox Grader by Freshworks, brings insights to teams using gmail. You can now measure the number of emails you received, replies sent, average response time, etc. Inbox Grader also generates your Year in review video that you can share with your team or customers.

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Hi Product Hunters, I’m Shyam, Product Director at Freshworks! We are happy to be launching (Beta) today. Inbox Grader is a free tool built for small teams who manage their customer service or sales conversations using shared/common gmail accounts like, , What does Inbox Grader do: Once you connect your email inbox, it provides a report about response time, quality of response, growth of email/customers, top customers & best time to reach them. This helps evaluate the efficiency of your support/sales teams. P.S - InboxGrader is still in beta & v1.0, we would love to get your feedback on what metrics have we missed? Feel free to send them over at or just share them in the comments! Thanks Again. Shyam
Just tried the product. Lot of awesome graphics there!
@iamsooraj Thanks a lot Sooraj! Really glad that you liked it.
Just tried it out. Nice work! Here is my video . Need to work on my response time to emails 🙈.
@kwdinc Thanks for taking time to try out Inbox Grader. Do let us know if there are additional metrics & analysis that you feel needs added in the v2.0.
Looks awesomely cool! What’s the biz model?
@yam_regev It's simple. Most small businesses use shared email accounts like contact@, sales@, etc. for their customer service, marketing, sales and other operations. InboxGrader is a small contribution from our part; we want to build a free suite of tools which are easily available for startups and SMBs to use and improve their business productivity in 2018. We know what it's like to be a small startup and want to pioneer efforts to giving back to the community, in whatever small way we can. When you eventually grow bigger and consider moving out of Gmail, we want to be on the top of your mind and give our product offerings a trial. That's our business reason to make InboxGrader FREE FOREVER.
We get TONS on transactional email unrelated to support. Can we filter it out of the calculations? We've been using Gmail meter for a long time and this is our biggest gripe. Makes all the stats useless.
@gerbz Hey Greg! Yes, in fact while testing we realised Promotional mail and updates make up for almost 45% of all inboxes! When calculating metrics, while we do show you the total count of emails your inbox has gotten, we intelligently REMOVE all the social and promotional email you receive in the following metrics. We also try to ascertain which contacts are more important to you by figuring out who you've replied to. (Check out the "Top Contacts" section of the report) By the way, since you get a lot of email, how heavily do you use Labels?
@jumbld sweet - we use lables heavily. If I could say "ignore this lable from my calculations" it would resolve everything. Most lables are applied by an ever growing list of filters.
@gerbz super! Gmail labels and filters are such a boon. by the way, label based filtering is exactly what we're building next.. ;) Would love to have you trial it when we go live with that
@gerbz This is Ajith from the UX team. I wanted to understand your expectation from Inbox Grader. If you're willing to have the conversation can you give me sometimes over this week that would work for you?
@gerbz or you can simply email me at with your thoughts on how we can make inbox grader really useful for you. Eagerly waiting to read your inputs. Thanks for your time !