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The Reply suite is getting better and better and better and faster and warmer. From all the emails you sent out, you can also get an efficient and hot overview. They also made Name2Email And talking with the makers, I’m sure there’s more where that came from. These guys are in the zone! @olegcl @dominiklevitsky take it away boys, what are you looking for in the Product Hunt community?
Hey Milan, thanks for sharing! This is one innovative feature that we are glad to release and see what the feedback will be. I've never seen someone has done something like this before. We are sorting replies to emails sent via Reply automatically based on response nature. So you could see who is interested and who is not right away without going through all the replies. Replies classification is a semi-automated process, that means we use computer + human work combination to provide the most accurate results. We have four main categories and you can use your own ones as well: Interested Not interested Not now Do not contact Would love to hear what you think about this feature.
@olegcl So, hypothetically speaking, if someone... let's call them 'Oleg'... were to spam a bunch of email addresses that they harvested from a Slack community under the guise of just being a growth hacking hustler, and use your product, it would automatically categorize the replies they get based on the level of vitriol generated by the spam? That's pretty cool.
@joostschuur We do not allow to send spam via our system and have technical means to prevent this. If someone ask to remove his contact, we could automatically detect such request and remove from the contact list.
@olegcl I think you misunderstood the allegations. Members of a large Slack community which you joined started receiving unsolicited spam from you personally, despite not ever having provided their contact details to you. I'm accusing you of employing the shady tactic of harvesting email addresses from this Slack community (from which you were promptly banned) and sending out spam.
I love Reply - always excited to see new releases from the team!
@edmoyse Thanks Ed! We love you! And try constantly improve our product to smart-automate more and more routine processes.
Love, new user but love the ux and feature direction! great update!