8 Marketing Tools in 1 Software.

Allows you to Schedule Posts to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Create Landing Pages with pre-built or own Templates Get email alerts when you get leads Transfer leads to CRM and manage customers Import/Export leads and contacts into CSV Create Email lists from leads and contacts Do Drip email marketing to convert leads Create Autoresponders integrated with landing pages Reporting and Analytics
Other than SaaS, We have just launched the only white label marketing software on the web - InBoundio PRO targeted towards marketers, agencies and small businesses who can launch their own products and start their own companies instead of relying and acting as affiliates for other marketing automation software companies.
Kind of hard to trust a product that has no brand name, when you're basically competing with companies that are fully immersed in each vertical (for example, you're competing with an ESP for drip campaigns). As a point of feedback, I believe your site would convert better if you could make it seem a lot more trustworthy, right now it screams "cheap" version of professional services.