Use SMS to privately and effectively manage customer needs

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Nice idea... is there evidence that users want/will use this? Keen to find out about the pricing structure too because usually 'request demo' means ridiculously expensive....
Cool product video - seems like a short Wes Anderson movie :)
@zivreichert Glad you like it, there are the guys that make it cool!
Real-time customer experience management software that enables businesses to provide their customers with a frictionless way to send feedback over SMS and MMS.
@obaidr For developing markets and some segments SMS usage exceeds WhatsApp or any other web-based real-time messaging app. It also caters for areas that don't have good data coverage.
@jamiequackers I agree with you on both points, but: - Would someone with a only limited web access use such a tool and would the limited access not also hit the company who offers the service? If the access to a good internet connection is permanently bad, why would a shop owner want to use an online tool to manage its customers feedback? - Is the affinity to web services is high enough when people don't even use whatsapp which basically is equivalent to using a smartphone? I lived in India for some time and I can tell you that those who don't use whatsapp have no smartphone, no PC and no internet at all. Everybody with a smartphone uses whatsapp, even the farmers on the field. This was my perception from India because 2G coverage is given at almost any place where you have mobile coverage.
@obaidr I'm a Brit, hence talking about our geography here. We have vast swathes of the country where GSM is just about doable, but 2G/3G is non-existent. Generally we have wired broadband that is fast enough in those locations (2-3MBps). The majority of those over 40 outside the technology professions (sweeping generalisation based on my own experience only) use SMS/MMS and calls and have never heard of let alone use WhatsApp
Hi @obaidr, SMS still the most used communication channel these days, that's why companies like twilio keep growing. I invite you to open an account a try it out it's much more than business/customer communication.
Great idea for connecting businesses with a huge part of the population the tech industry tends to ignore. What are some other business use cases you see in the future for your product?
Hi @cjacosta, Some of our customers are using it for marketing, room service, sales and orders, and for online B2C can be used as an option to replace live chats.