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Whats the story behind wanting to make this?
@bentossell As a company, we've been always engaged in the open source community and apart from commercial projects, we've been creating also internal apps and products. At the same time we wanted to improve the visibility of the company's design and iOS team (they kick ass). We love Dribbble and use it daily so we decided to give something back to the designer community. Inbbbox is fully open source and the code will be soon available on GitHub.
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@bentossell We wanted to create an app with a slightly different approach to browsing, which will enable us to enjoy a clutter free Dribbble experience. DailyArt for Dribble with full one hand/gesture driven navigation.
Wasn't stoked to find that after granting access to my Dribbble account, my profile had automatically followed the Netguru account. Seems like a shady way to gain followers.
Hi @gregcorby, thanks for your feedback - we really appreciate it. Following our account is a result of the onboarding process which for the MVP uses same component as regular shot. It was the quickest solution and will be definitely changed in future releases. We are very sorry to hear that you're surprised with app behaviour, that was never our intention. To prove that, we've made the source code (https://github.com/netguru/inbbb...) public.
love the design and it's really fun to use. will use it a lot. i just had a little problem in the beginning with the IA. Having the "home" screen in the middle tab, is kind of unusual. Especially if it is treated that way, i expected it to be a "create" button and it confused me that nothing happened when i tapped it. Took me a few seconds to understand that this is the currently active tab.
@oliamazing Thanks for your feedback Olivier.
@radekzaleski @bartobialek just gave it a spin. Like the IA idea, couple of remarks / ideas: 1. loading a shot takes too long, maybe try to load shots in the background, not each time someone swipes up 2. Own profile info within the app would be convenient 3. Debuts stream seems limited (maybe just for the Day), I only got three results 4. Setting a stream for specific tags would be really cool. Just personal inconveniences though, like your approach!
Love it. At first glance, thought it was a "DMs for Dribbblers" to chat with each other, which would be pretty cool too!
@abnux Thanks for feedback! We have talked about it as a possible route for Inbbbox development. First we'll have to find out if this is what community really needs + this kind of feature need to have backend service to support it. Solid backend for solid implementation and reliability.