Visually analyze actual user behavior inside your mobile app

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Tigran Hakobyan
@tigranhakobian · Entrepreneur, Co-founder/CMO @ inapptics
Hi Product Hunters, I am Tigran from Inapptics :) Thanks for hunting us @kwdinc! We’re proud to be here today and we’re offering a Product Hunt exclusive 50% discount to anyone who signs up for our paid plans during the next 14 days. To get the discount use PHEXCLUSIVE50 coupon code during the checkout. Inapptics helps app creators see how people are usin… See more
Ian Rumac
@ianissoawesome · Android Developer @ Kino.de
It's finally live! Honestly, innaptics seems like a whole new world of possibilities for mobile analytics, a step up from the current generation. With heatmaps and user flows, this is 💯 what every mobile developer and UX designer needs in their toolbox!
@abasa · founder, PRIMO
This is great. Singing up. Thanks MAKERS, thanks HUNTER, and thank you PRODUCT HUNT!
Zara Martirosyan
@zaruiamvi · inKin Social Fitness Platform
So happy it's finally out! Best of luck, guys! Just what we needed:)
Nigel Sharp
Game changer for app development in the future. Totally agree that being able to actually understand how a user is using an app instead of just getting back some high level numbers will make UX optimization 100x faster. Great job innapptics!