Visually analyze actual user behavior inside your mobile app

Inapptics is a mobile analytics platform that helps app makers analyze user behavior in their mobile apps. It integrates with just one line of code.

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Hi Product Hunters, I am Tigran from Inapptics :) Thanks for hunting us @kwdinc! We’re proud to be here today and we’re offering a Product Hunt exclusive 50% discount to anyone who signs up for our paid plans during the next 14 days. To get the discount use PHEXCLUSIVE50 coupon code during the checkout. Inapptics helps app creators see how people are using their app. We aggregate all user interaction events and turn them into visual screen flows and heatmaps, where they see the actions users perform on each screen, where they tap and how they navigate in the app. As we collect all the user interaction data, we also automatically detect crashes and replay the steps that led to the crash. Technical details about Inapptics: - SDK integration requires just one line of code - Size of the SDK is ~4MB - Has no perceivable impact on the app’s performance - We blur the screenshots by default, so there are no privacy issues - Data is transferred in a secure way - Integration guide: Looking for your feedback and questions. Thank you!
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It's finally live! Honestly, innaptics seems like a whole new world of possibilities for mobile analytics, a step up from the current generation. With heatmaps and user flows, this is 💯 what every mobile developer and UX designer needs in their toolbox!
@ianissoawesome Thanks for your support and being one of our early users and true believers of our vision! :)
This is great. Singing up. Thanks MAKERS, thanks HUNTER, and thank you PRODUCT HUNT!
@abasa Thank you, it's great you liked Inapptics! We have an exclusive 50% discount for PH community. Sign up for one of our paid plans during the next 14 days and use PHEXCLUSIVE50 coupon code during the checkout.
So happy it's finally out! Best of luck, guys! Just what we needed:)
@zaruiamvi Nice to hear that. Thanks for your support!
I've been rooting for this team/product and I'm glad it's finally out for public! Good luck!
@tiggreen thanks for supporting us! :)