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Hi there, I'm Dan the CEO! I've written more about our launch here And will be hanging out in here all day in case there are any questions!
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@kickme444 hey there, congrats on the launch! Go figure, but here's some feedback: I was trying to sign up with my phone number and received a verification code, but the iOS app claimed it was invalid. I tapped the "resend code" and it took several minutes for another code to arrive... Also, there's a typo during on-boarding:
@chrismessina Thanks! We'll get that typo fixed and look into the verification code ASAP.
@chrismessina we allow you to post anonymously AND anonoymously :)
@heathwblack I thought it MIGHT be a feature!! :)
@heathwblack i don't think i've ever spelled that word right in my entire life tbh.
Just saw imzy's $8m funding announcement. Congrats, @kickme444, @heathwblack, and team! As you know, I've been following imzy from a distance since the closed beta earlier this year. As former reddit employees, how do you see this competing with reddit itself? There are some clear differences but the core focus on building distinct communities is the same.
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@rrhoover @heathwblack Having worked at reddit for a long time, I see there there are a few really big differences. The biggest difference is that reddit is primarily focused on content. They are an advertising company and are focused on surfacing the best content to the most people on a daily basis, I think their words are something like, they set the international media agenda with their content or something. Reddit is AMAZING at content. We are not focused on content, we are focused on communities and really digging in to what that means. So right now, while there are similarities in how communities are organized, you will see stark differences in how people have conversations and really form connections with one another. Additionally, we are NOT an advertising company because being an advertising company forces you to make decisions that are not in line with community best interests. Instead, we recognize that communities have natural usages of commerce and we will be building those into the platform. When you combine this with our upcoming developer platform, where communities and developers can work together to build custom functionality natively into the platform, communities will really be able to innovate and build stronger, more authentic connections without having to fracture onto 3rd party sites. Come hang out, it's a fun place! Here's some more info on our business model plans -
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go imzy go! really love the platform, especially the ability to have multiple profiles under one account. want to be anonymous? go for it. real name? cool. fake gaming persona? awesome.
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I was part of the beta. Even though I personally haven't gotten into Imzy as much as I do reddit. I've been very impressed with how active they are with the community. Every time I'd log in to mingle around Imzy, there's been a lot of interesting stuff to look at. I guess the community just needs to grow more to get that density of new content daily that Reddit does. That said, I do like Imzy's design and sense of community more than Reddit's, and feel they are on to something. Congrats on the public launch and thanks for letting me be part of the beta!
@pddro Thanks so much for being a part of it! You can't have a successful community without commitment and a shared understanding from everyone, and that comes through communication and transparency, so it's been really important to us to be as involved as we can and get feedback from everyone. None of that will change as we move forward—the only difference is that anyone can sign up now without needing an invite. But we still want to be as involved with everyone as possible so we can build the platform you want!
Congrats on the launch! I've been very impressed by the team's transparency during the development process, while also keeping up a super fast release and iteration cycle. Great job!
@samhouston consistently transparent which makes working with them an absolute dream.