imwith (YC S17) gets what you mean (inc. complex sentences and slang), and offers you funny, relevant memes that convey your message while making it funnier without even trying. It bypasses the traditional process of having to think about / searching for the right memes by providing the best ones instantly to keep pace with the conversation.

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Hey everyone, I’m Rotem. Finally (!) we have a chance to present imwith messenger - a humorous messenger that generates hilarious memes based on what you say. For the past two years we have been working on a NLP engine that ‘understands’ what you mean and offers you just the right memes to make the conversation funnier. Using our technology (API) people send around 50,000,000 memes/month. But as a humor startup whose sole purpose is to make people laugh we wanted to create a new humorous messaging experience that makes everyone funnier just by using the app. What we want you to experience is that chatting with the same friends is 200% funnier on imwith. So after YC (S17) we decided to launch it. The first thing you’ll notice is that it generates hilarious memes based on what you type. You’ll also notice an extremely unique UI. For example, we have removed the ‘send’ button and came up with a much more intuitive way to send the messages and interact with the app. Another good example is the way you laugh on the app. No more writing lol or haha. You can express your laughter in a funnier, more visual way. We’re excited to hear what you think about these and additional new UI concepts we have implemented. We also decided we rather support a good cause while driving growth instead of spending our marketing budget just on PPC. We’re donating money to save african endangered wildlife when you refer friends to imwith. We credit PH users with the first $2 when you start chat. Before trying the app, people might wonder how is this different from a GIF keyboard or search engine. imwith bypasses the traditional process of having to think about and find the right meme by providing you the right memes instantly to keep pace with the conversation. You don’t have to have a sense of humor in order to add great memes to your text. We’ll be here for the rest of the day to talk with you and share some hidden features. In addition you can use this link ( to start a one on one chat with me. Thank you @chrismessina for hunting us!
I am telling you guys. This is one funny messenger app 😂 I wish every chat or commenting system had these features I think it‘s especially appealing to kids tho
@peter_bauer Thank you Peter :)
@peter_bauer thanks Peter! We do feel it's more appealing to Gen Z, but also to millennials. Try our sarcasm mode by adding # after the text. For example: 'The movie was great # boring' will give you memes that match the text after the # but will show it with the text before the #. Chat with me if you want to learn more:
Just downloaded ImWith and love it!
Make it work on Android as well. Pretty please?
@graciousgarg thanks for your comment. We plan on doing so!
@erikbrodch I know it ain't fair, but I would love to know a deadline :D
@graciousgarg That's totally okay to ask (I'd probably answer with a meme on imwith) :) Can't really give a deadline, but probably a few months. Sorry for being vague, it's still an early startup :)
Was actually surprised how intuitive it was and how fun flinging messages could be. Curious what led you guys to that over clicking a send button?
@hridaman happy to hear you like it! We wanted to find a solution that will make sending memes feel as natural as sending texts, and also to encourage users to use the meme option more by making it equally accessible, so instead of cluttering the interface with two buttons, we tried out flinging and really liked it.