Impressed Photo Books

Create a photo book in minutes. Starting at $22.

Love finding apps like this with holidays coming up. Seems like a nice quick way to make a gift for a friend or family
Is there a web version?
Great product. Great design. Seems like a crowded market though! With the "big boys" (Walgreens, Staples, etc...) all having their own apps/sites doing this. Wonder how to really differentiate. I've probably tried 15 apps/sites like this in the past.
@lekanb Agreed. I've ordered some too based on price and the quality of some prints and books definitely swings. Best to checkout reviews before commiting
Ditto here. Interested in a web version.
@estatemanjoe @jamilvelji Question: Being someone who just made a photo product app (mind you, with intentions of adding web version in the near future) the app seemed like the more important product since photos originate on the phone these days. What is it about a web version that's more appealing to you guys?